Carlitos Springs is a beautiful gem of a place found just east of the Sandia mountains. It was nearing the end of Fall and I knew I had to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery before the leaves lost their color and got wisped away by the chilly winds soon to be crossing through the forest. That's when I scooped up my amazing friend, Larissa, and ventured into another photo journey. Larissa has been a great friend of mine for a few years now and I knew this was the perfect opportunity for us to strengthen our friendship and take some solid photos. Larissa is not only stunning, but she is an incredible attorney and a very talented cellist. She, in fact, played the bridal chorus at my wedding ceremony! I hope you enjoy the photos from our adventure that day and, by the way, the Springs are definitely a place worth visiting. :o)

Dress courtesy of: Bridal Elegance by Darlene


bow 02.jpg